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    Parts For Sale Etiquite *UPDATED*



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    Parts For Sale Etiquite *UPDATED*

    Post by payal on 18th October 2010, 10:42 am

    please when posting a thread in this forum follow a simple set of guidelines....

    #1 POST PICS!!!!!
    you will never get a sale if noone knows what the F*%# your selling! if i cant see it...im not buying it... plain and simple!
    >> need help in that department? please visit www.imageshack.us you dont need to sign up. you dont pay anything. you hit the browse button. you find the pic you want to upload....click the resize button and select 800x600 and hit host it. after it hosts, scroll to the bottom and where it says direct link to image, copy that, and paste it in between this

    #2 put an asking price on the stuff you have. dont put make offer...people will lowball you. you cant stop lowballers. its gonna happen... dont bioth about it!

    #3 DO NOT SAY THINGS LIKE!!!! " Im trying to get rid of these pretty quick,fast,in a hurry, need cash now" none of that! THIS IS AN AUTOMATIC>>>>I STOLE THIS shizzel! THE COPS ARE GONNA BUST MY DOOR DOWN! noone wants hot parts. therefore your stuff will never sell

    #4 DO NOT SELL THINGS FOR ANYBODY! i dont care if it belonged to your bro yesterday and now it belongs to you. we dont know the real truth. if you start off by saying " i have a 96-99 rear lip for sale" your prolly gonna sell it....if you say " my bro gave me this 96-99 lip to sell" we will delete your thread instantaneously. if your bro happens to be a member of this site... have him put the shizzel up. you guys settle the money out when you get it.

    #5 THIS IS NOT YOUR HOMIES ON THE CORNER! please use proper spelling. DO NOT USE CAPS. we dont respond to "boi" or......" does ne1 have ne springs 4 sale i need 2 get some." this aint gonna cut it man. also... there is a huge difference between sale and sell. you dont want to sale something. you need to sell it. and no if it sales today you wont include something. please see the difference in these two words and use them properly.

    #6 ONE THREAD FOR ALL YOUR STUFF! Do not make multiple threads for multiple items. make one thread for all your stuff. Please do not remake a thread because it hasnt had any views. bump your thread. Edit the details, drop the prices, be flexible. all these things will help you to get people interested in your stuff. do not just leave it go and then make a new thread about it a week later.

    i dont care if you think this is hurtful. its for the better. all you need to do is follow these guidelines and we will not have any problems


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